I'm a professional photo editor and photographer based in SW Missouri. 

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I started this business in an effort to gain more freedom in my life and help other photographers do the same. I'm very passionate about serving the photography community and helping photographers focus on being more intentional with their time.

My goal is to help professional photographers regain their valuable time by joyfully serving as a boutique private photo editor.


I'm a Believer and a daughter, sister, aunt. I thoroughly enjoy binge watching a good BBC period drama on a rainy day, but my favorite thing is traveling the world adventuring and seeing new places with loved ones. I’m an ISFJ.

Starting out, I always felt that I would end up being a full time photographer. Since buying my first camera I have been so blessed to be able to capture countless portrait sessions, six weddings and three births. And have loved every minute of it!

Each click of the camera.

Each story told in fractions of a second. Each and every one is a special miracle to me.

I started using Adobe Lightroom as a way to enhance my photos to really express what I wanted others to see and feel. I was creating my own presets almost from day one and have never ceased to be amazed at this powerful program and all of its awesome features. I have spent hundreds of hours learning and practicing on my photos, constantly creating presets and finding new ways to use all the wonderful tools. Figuring out what edits I liked and what different ways I could get the look that I wanted.

Now, I couldn’t be more excited about using my talents to serve fellow photographers. I hope you’ll stick around for a while! Follow me on Instagram or check out the blog to keep up!